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Terra Liquid Minerals provide a fully serviced, smart liquid mineral injection system including all Magnesium, Minerals and Vitamins required for your herd

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Terra Liquid Minerals Explained

The Benefits

Saves time

Automating your mineral system helps to reduce the amount of time spent changing mineral blocks or licks and feeding mineral mixes.

Saves money

Feeding minerals through the water reduces waste and increases the absorption rate of minerals into the body, improving overall health and reducing veterinary expenses.

Reduces labour demands

Using a fully managed mineral system offers peace of mind ensuring your animals always receive their necessary minerals allowing you to get on with your own work.

Smart Technology

The intelligent controller monitors your animal’s water consumption adjusting the mineral concentrate guaranteeing the animal always gets the correct dosage of minerals every day, in wet or dry weather.

Transparent dosing system

The intelligent controller’s LED screen clearer displays the amount of water and minerals consumed per animal per day. Allowing you to quickly and easily monitor your herds’ mineral usage.

Evident results

Tests are completed regularly on animals providing clear measurable results. This allows you to benchmark and track your herds’ health. Customer have also seen a noticeable difference milk yield, grass utilisation and reduced veterinary bills.

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  • As we have expanded the herd, ensuring the correct level of mineral intake for the cows has been an issue. The TLM System removes all the variables ensuring our cows get what they need when they need it.

    Bryan Daniels, Kilmoganny, Co. Kilkenny
    Co. Kilkenny
  • I find the TLM system works extremely well for my winter & spring herd. It has resulted in easier calving and reduced lameness, with no labour and an excellent back up service.

    John Clinton
    Co. Meath
  • My empty rate has dramatically improved with no tetany or milk fever issues, My cows and young stock are looking healthier. I have dramatically reduced concentrate fed with milk yield slightly improved

    Pat Flanagan
    Co .Tipperary

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