I don’t have mineral issues, why do I need to use this system?

There are a number of costs incurred as a result of not giving minerals to your herd. Veterinary costs can be increased due to bad herd health, you’re at an increased risk of milk fevers and grass tetany which can be costly.

Can the system work with small water pipes?

Our controller can be fitted to any type or size of water piping currently fitted on your farm. Our installers will connect the necessary valves to your current system and pump minerals into water troughs. The full installation is complete in one day.

What if it rains?

Our intelligent controller automatically adjusts the concentration of minerals entering the water depending on volume of water been consumed. Therefore, during wet weather animals drink less and so a higher concentration of minerals are dosed into the water, whereas, in warm weather animals consume more water which results in a lower concentration of minerals been dosed into the water troughs.

How long does it take to install?

Installation takes one day to complete by a trained professional. The system is connected to your existing water piping and minerals are pumped into water troughs. The compact design means there is minimal space needed on your farm to fit the controller and there is also an outdoor unit available if required.
Minerals are delivered and stored in heavy duty plastic containers and can be refilled from a 40metre distance ensuring no mess or wastage. (Insert images here)

I’m no good with technology, will I be able to use the system?

Our controller requires minimal input from you, so you don’t need to worry about been tech savvy. All you need to do is make sure the correct herd numbers are entered into the controller and let us do the rest. Our service includes full support and monitoring of the system at no additional cost.

Can individual farm requirements be met with mineral supplies?

We customise our mineral packages to suit your individual farm; after monitoring your herds’ usage and completing tests on their existing health, we will prescribe a mineral mix tailored specifically to fulfil the needs of your animals.

How much does it cost?

We provide transparent pricing with all minerals priced per head per day.

How do I know they are actually getting the minerals?

Our mineral solution dilutes evenly into the water, therefore every time an animal drinks they are receiving an equal amount of mineral concentrate throughout the day.

What if the minerals don't reach the troughs in time?

The mineral concentrate dilutes evenly into water pipes and are flushed through the system at the same rate as your water flow ensuring all animals receive the volume of minerals every day.

I have bulls on the farm, can they get magnesium?

Volume through 1000m (assume a cow drinks 15l per visit to trough)
¾ =314L 21cows taking 1 drink
1 =491L 33 cows taking one drink
1 =¼ 804L 54 cows taking one drink
1= ½ 1257L 84 cows taking one drink

Can I trust this new technology?

Terra Liquid Minerals controller is a new innovative idea for automating mineral consumption. The concept originated in the Pharmaceutical and water management sectors. As Terra has years of experience in water fitting and management systems they adopted this concept and developed the intelligent dosing system.
The system is currently working for over 20,000 cows with farmers across Ireland raving about their success stories.

Will I spend more on minerals?

In the past, our customers have seen a decrease in expenditure on minerals when using our system, as there is no wastage and; as all animals are guaranteed to receive their minerals, farmers have seen a significant decrease in veterinary and feed costs.

What are the benefits?

• Saves time and money, providing peace of mind
• Automated dosing reduces labour requirements
• Transparent mineral dosing ensures all animals receive the correct volume of minerals
• Evident results with improved herd health
• Reduces waste helping to cut costs
• No hidden charges or added extras
• Continual maintenance provided free of charge
• Regular service helps to reduce labour needed on farm
• Can be fitted to any water piping system
• Minimal space needed due to the controller’s compact design

How do I pay?

All customers are billed monthly and receive 30 days credit.

How much is a breakdown callout?

Our service includes full after sales support free of charge guaranteeing you will not receive any additional charges for repairs or calls outs.

How many deliveries per year will I receive?

The number of deliveries are based on your requirements. Usually deliveries are completed on a monthly basis, however, for larger farms deliveries can be completed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Is there a service charge?

There are no additional charges are hidden fees, our service includes full after sales support which includes monitoring the controller usage, resolving any faults which may occur and delivery of all minerals as needed.

Do you need special water piping for the controller to be fitted to?

There is no special piping required for our controller to work. The controller can be fitted to any existing water system.

How do you change the dosing rate on the controller?

Full training will be provided on how to use the controller and a user operating manual is provided clearly outlining the procedure for changing this. Our delivery driver can also show you how to make changes to the controller or enter these on your behalf.

How do you change the cow numbers on the controller?

Full training will be provided on how to use the controller and a user operating manual is provided clearly outlining the procedure for changing this. Our delivery driver can also show you how to make changes to the controller or enter these on your behalf.

How do you check the average usage of minerals?

The usage rates flash across the LED screen allowing you to easily see your usage or minerals and water consumed.

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